World 3D Championship Sassari 2013

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With its geographical location in the north-west part of Sardinia, Lake Baratz is the North-West natural lake on the island. It has an irregular shape, with a surface area of 45.64 ha, approximately 5.26 km of shore-line, an average depth of 5 m, a catchment area of 7 100 ha and is 7250 m from the sea. It has sandy banks on the slopes facing south-west and south-east and is rocky on the opposite side.

Lake Baratz is of aeolian origin and was formed during the last glacial period which ended approximately 10,000 years ago and during which continuous growth of the glaciers caused the sea level to lower notably and the coastline to consequently recede. This event was responsible for the appearance of wide, sandy stretches which - under the action of the maestrale, the local prevailing wind - formed an impressive dune, obstructing the two watercourses now known as Rio dei Giunchi and Rio Cuile Puddighinu, and thus creating the lake of Baratz. The new lake, fed by tributaries but with no real streams issuing from it, was linked to the sea at Porto Ferro by a small underground outlet which gave rise to the freshwater spring called S'Ebbi Dolzi.

History Archery 3D

In archery, one of the last and ancient activities is represented by 3D archery (shooting arrows on three-dimensional targets).

This sporting practice was born with the specific intent to recreate situations and areas found during normal hunting activities, with the precise idea of replacing the real hunting with a “virtual one”.

As for the Hunter the same conditions in this discipline, are then reproduced on the ground, such as difficulties in body positioning, and estimation of the distance (minimum 2 meters maximum 45 meters) to target, typical situations for those who have already tried this activity, but with the aspect of sports and fair competition, competition takes place outdoors, in full compliance and complete integration with nature, particularly in forests, oases or green areas.

The routes that the archer takes diversify from a minimum of 3 km to a maximum of 6 km 24 targets per route. Participants move on the course organized in groups consisting of a minimum of three to six athletes through all the different types of terrain.
Each target has its own difficulty with which the archer must be contend with, such estimating the distance since they is no second chance, only a single shot is carried out at a target and all this within a time limit of one must be taken care as to distance, evaluation, applying adjustments, according to target location and topography of the land, because, as in reality, there will be no second chance.

Targets duplicate the animals that they represent in size or are very close to the animal size and are made from a synthetic material or similar that does not damage the arrows.discipline has acquired over the years, more and more fans from all over the globe, rapidly increasing their following and subtracting a wide circle of ex-hunters or hunters who see it as an excellent way to replace hunting.allowed divisions in 3D shooting are: Compound, Bare bow, Instinctive bow and Longbow.

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